With almost two decades of experience, Heskap takes pride in providing IT support services that focus on our customer’s needs. With our Managed IT Services, we proactively manage and monitor your IT infrastructure and internal security, providing routine, scheduled maintenance, that allows us to identify and resolve any potential issues before they cause problems disrupting your business.

We ensure that you are always up to date with your IT and helping you avoid unexpected downtime. Our team of highly trained and accredited IT professionals monitor a wide range of Managed Service customers from our Support centre, throughout Ireland, providing Phone, Remote & Onsite IT Support. We work hard in developing our customer support, making sure we meet the growing needs of our customers.

We keep our clients at the leading edge of technology with continuous service improvement in cloud-based technologies designed to meet your business requirements.

Our clients are confident in Heskap’s ability to deliver well-maintained and secure services enabling organisations to focus on and grow their core business.

Working with Heskap will make like easier giving you peace of mind, reducing risks with your company data, simplifying your IT requirements and helping move your business forward.

Let Heskap be your IT department. We’ll handle all your day-to-day IT tasks and functions to improve operations and cut expenses. IT is a critical part of your business and we want to make sure it runs correctly for you.