Your IT Inventory & Our IT Recommendations

Are your IT systems costing you unnecessary time and money? Are your computers secure? Would your business survive a major server failure? Maybe/Maybe not!

Heskap IT Engineers take pride in all our IT Services that we provide. One of our great IT services includes giving our new potential customers a complete inventory list of all their IT equipment, providing a complete listing of each computer/server hardware specifications, a rundown on all other IT hardware and network infrastructure equipment, i.e. Printers/Switches/Firewalls/WIFI/etc. We also provide a full listing of the customers license software program details. There is no cost for our IT Health Check service and there is no obligation, just very professional IT advice, from our IT Engineers.

Our IT Health Checks take place at your office/business locations, at a time that is convenient for you.

We examine your backups, data recovery procedures and restore functionality. This will help to inform you of important decisions about your IT systems, and prioritize the actions you should consider to keep your network secure, running smoothly and relevant to the needs of your business.

Pro-actively taking care of your IT concerns and reducing the IT risks to your business, is exactly what you will received from our IT Health Check Report and Recommendations. This is a confidential review of your IT systems, making sure that there are no IT problems affecting your business or costing you extra money unnecessarily. We have helped a lot of Business Companies save time and money, by identifying these IT problems and upgrading where possible, to ensure your IT infrastructure is running efficiently and securely.

Heskap IT Health Check – What we examine

We will undergo a review of your current IT infrastructure that includes both your physical hardware, as well as your software and your entire networks overall performance. Please see a summary checklist of the items we examine onsite.

  • Hardware – All IT hardware onsite and at remote offices. This includes Servers / Desktops / Laptops / Macs / Tablets / Smart Phones / Printers / Scanners / Backup devices / Switches / Firewalls/ etc. We give recommended details on how to extend the life of your existing hardware and/or providing an upgrade budget plan for new hardware going forward, to help improve your business.

  • Software – All company software is identified and recorded. We take special note of any licensed software that may be out of date or shortly up for renewal. We recommend what software requires updates and where necessary, we may recommend your business software to be upgraded, to improve your growing business.

  • Network infrastructure – All your network devices are reviewed, including Switches / Firewalls / Routers / WIFI Access Points. We identify and examine your company file storage structure, access control, firewall rules, private and public networks, etc. We give you a full report of your infrastructure and what steps might need to be put in place to allow your network to run more efficiently.

  • Security – We examine your company file/folders client access control, who has access to your back-ups, what anti-virus/anti-spyware/malware applications you have installed, what type of firewall protection you have installed, if any. We test the security of your networks and make note of any issues of concern, that could affect your business, followed by our recommendations for any necessary upgrades and increase in security protection measures.

  • Cloud Services – We record what cloud services you have currently in your business and how you are using them. These cloud services include office 365 email services, cloud backup of files/folders, Cloud desktop services, web monitoring services, etc. We provide excellent Cloud Consultation, to advise on how your business can have your entire IT infrastructure or partly, hosted in the cloud. Following our detailed cloud report, we can deliver cloud-based solutions that fits your business needs.

  • Support – Following our detailed IT Health Check Report with your full IT Inventory and Recommendations, we can offer an easy monthly IT Support Service, with no longer term contracts, i.e. meaning you can leave at any time if you are not completely happy with our IT services. Our IT Support services include phone/remote/onsite IT Support, along with our 24/7 Business Antivirus protection on all your servers/pcs and critical server real-time monitoring for our pro-active monitoring service that helps working towards minimizing your downtime where possible.