Schedule your email to be sent automatically, at the perfect time that suits you.

Nowadays, many of us write a lot of emails on a daily basis. Sometimes I like to create my emails either very late at night or very early in the morning. After finishing my emails I may not want to click send straight away due to the current time of writing that email, being either very late or very early. I also may want to send my email at an exact specific time during business hours. To resolve this issue, I started using an add-on called Boomerang for my Outlook application. This allows me to quickly set the exact date and time, I want to have my email sent and that’s it.

Outlook Boomerang – Extra Features

Not only can you send your email at a specific later date, but you can also set other features like requesting a Read Receipt or getting a reminder in # amount of days after you have sent your email to allow you to follow up if there is no reply back. I found these features to be very useful.

  • Request a read receipt.

  • Remind Me when there is no Reply after # amount of days.

  • Track clicks on your email.

  • Suggest a meeting time for your email event.